How to sell Your Home Treasures Through Social Media

How to sell Your Home Treasures Through Social Media
How to sell Your Home Treasures Through Social Media
 How to sell Your Home Treasures Through Social Media
How to sell Your Home Treasures Through Social Media

It has become a common occurrence to find businesses including a Facebook page or Twitter handle in their official contacts, which goes to show that social media has in fact evolved to become more than just a social platform. It has become the go-to place for many intending to make sales, owing to several benefits, but did you know there is a right and wrong way of going about it? How then could you maximize it as a platform through which you sell knick-knacks and heirlooms among other sentimental treasures in your home?

Build Relationships First

There is a reason this has been listed as a vital aspect on LinkedIn. The idea is to first find your prospective buyers and get to know them before mentioning any sales. By building a relationship you will be able to display trustworthiness among other people skills and your potential buyers will get a sense of bonding with you.

Use this friendship to share stories about your relics talking of how you obtained them in the first place and attaching sentimental value to them in the process. By knowing your story, your buyers will by transference feel the same connection to your keepsakes. With this connection, they will be likelier to buy as opposed to when dealing with a complete stranger.

Don’t be Pushy

Resist the urge to keep pushing the sale in people’s faces. For starters, it will greatly reduce the value of whatever you are selling. Secondly, this will be a major put off to your potential buyers and thirdly, it will dampen your credibility. Social media has changed how sales are made in that you can no longer engage the strategy of the over-enthusiastic sales agent.

Take time to listen to you prospective buyers and carefully watch what they follow, comment on and post on social media. Realize also that they are studying you just as well and so conduct yourself as you would want them to see you. At the end of the day, how they see you will influence whether they like you enough to be interested in what you have to offer.

If you need a quick reminder, sensible selling puts it perfectly well: picture your social media page as a shop display window for your keepsakes. You, therefore, want to advertise without coming across as being too pushy or tacky; but don’t be a snob altogether.

Besides, remember that your customers are likely to post public reviews on your page as well as on other social media sites. So be very careful not to hurt your image and hamper any future sales or social interactions you might attempt to make.

Social media may appear a bit overwhelming at first owing to the fact that there are too many sites to take into consideration but do not be dismayed. If you identify your target market you need not end up joining all social sites, just go for the one you are not only most comfortable with but is also likelier to expose you to a larger number of potential buyers.

The principles for selling your stuff online also apply to any home business. If you sell products like Kyäni, relationship building is very important. Social media channels like Instagram and Facebook can be useful in meeting your personal sales goals. Follow the ideas detailed above and you can be successful in selling anything you have online.


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