Using Classifieds to Find Local Treasures

Using Classifieds to Find Local Treasures
Using Classifieds to Find Local Treasures
Using Classifieds to Find Local Treasures
Using Classifieds to Find Local Treasures


There are many reasons to shop your local online classifieds to discover new to you treasures. Some reasons include a commitment to using recycled, refitted, or repurposed goods to keep them from going into a landfill. Shopping online by reading the local classifieds is an excellent way to save money and to keep the flow of goods and abundance in the local economy. Another reason is that it is a high-tech treasure hunt where you never quite know what to expect or what you’ll discover. It can be a fine way to connect with other individuals who share your interest, hobby, or lifestyle, from sharing baby clothing to telescopes to athletic equipment.

So now that you’re ready to take the plunge, what are some of the best ways to find local online classifieds?

1. Craigslist. Check out the granddaddy of e-bulletin boards. allows you to narrow your search by city, type of item, and there is even a free section to connect those folks with things that they need to be free of with those who appreciate a free item.

2.eBay Classifieds. For name, reputation, and ease of online platform, connect with eBay classifieds to find local goods at a great price.

3. Classified Ads. The name pretty much covers it. Come here to fill your need.

4. Oodle. Oodle is a compendium of the best kind, unifying craigslist, myspace, local listings, and more all in one source.

5. If your local newspaper offers an online edition, one of the most popular features is the classifieds. Type in the name of your city, the name of the paper, and begin your adventure!

6. The online version of your town’s alternative paper will feature classifieds. From furniture to clothes to unused concert tickets, there is a wealth of information and opportunities available to local residents.

7. Facebook Groups that are devoted to a particular topic, from skiing to gourmet cookery, will have followers in your area who are eager to exchange ideas, experiences, and to trade or sell their equipment. This is where the avid treasure hunter leaps into the fray and finds that perfect tool, object, or clothing purchase for a fraction of the price of a similar item that’s pulled from the box. Besides saving cash, which is major in and of itself, you’ll have an excellent chance of connecting with a local individual who shares your passion.


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