How to Find Bargains at Estate Sales

How to Find Bargains at Estate Sales
How to Find Bargains at Estate Sales
How to Find Bargains at Estate Sales
How to Find Bargains at Estate Sales
The Misconceptions Surrounding Estate Sales and How to Find Good Deals
Estate sales have long been misunderstood by the average person. They’re often overlooked by people looking for deals in favor of yard sales and thrift stores. It’s generally thought that people who go to estate sales are rich and buy expensive antiques from exclusive collections. Price tags with amounts in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, or so it’s thought, hang from vintage clocks, paintings and gem encrusted jewelry with decades of patina coating the silver and gold surfaces. I used to believe this myself, along with almost everyone else I knew.
The truth is that estate sales are, more often than not, held in the homes of ordinary people like you and I. Usually nearly everything in the house is for sale, from the books and clothing, to the cookware, household plants and even the unused kitchen food. Often everyday household items can be bought for a fraction of the retail cost. Here are some tips to help ease you into confident estate sale shopping and find the deals you’re looking for.

Search estate sale websites such as and These sites have listings of many estate sales in your area. Most companies will take pictures of items at the sale and post them in their listing. This is great because you can see if there’s something at the sale you’re interested in before you invest the time and effort into attending the sale.

Get there early! A few hours early is usually best if you see specific items that you’re interested in. The first people in the house are often the ones that pick up the best items. Depending on the sale conditions at the estate, the company running the sale may only let in a few people at once. By the time many sales open there can be a line of several dozen people or more waiting to shop.

Pass On the First Day. Most estate sale companies won’t barter with you on the first day of the sale, preferring to stay firm on the asking price of the items. But on subsequent days of the sale they may offer a percentage off or be open to offers on items. If you’re not looking for a specific item, consider showing up on the second or third day of the sale to get the best deals.

From kitchen plates to furniture to pots and pans, if you’re looking for a great deal on a variety of items, consider checking out some local estate sales and see what treasures you can find.


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